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Night of the Were-Ed
Written by Tdraw202
Original Plot and Comic by Nintendo-Nut1
Revised by Tdraw202
Danny Antonucci, AKA Cartoon, and Cartoon Network own Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Nintendo-Nut1 owns Night of the Were-Ed. I only revised the story.


Eddy had a scam planned for tomorrow. The scam involved a Lemonade Stand, and they would sell not only Lemonade, but soda such as Danny Cola, Dr. Miller, and Erin Dew. 25 cents a pop. Things would go well if the Kankers don’t get involved.
Before they got started on the stand, they had a break while Eddy got the soda. Ed was busy running around like an idiot.
“Hello, Tree,” Ed said to the tree. “Hello, lane,” Ed said to the lane as he walked down it. “Hello ground and dirt,” said Ed to the ground.
Ed continued running around until he ran right into a wall. Running into a wall would be painful to a normal kid, but to a kid such as Ed, it didn’t faze him. He simply opened an imaginary door using an invisible handle to go through it.
He continued running, running past Jonny, Nazz, and a canine limping. Ed stopped, and looked at the part of the Lane that the creature was part of.
Yep, it was limping, alright. The creature looked hurt. Ed, no matter how hard he tried to be like Eddy, couldn’t resist helping the poor guy. He went over to the creature.
“Aw… poor doggy, are you hurt?”
The creature looked at Ed in response, then continued looking at his limb.
“Let me help,” said Ed, trying to reach the paw. Suddenly, the creature snapped at Ed, who recoiled.
“I’m just trying to help, mister,” said Ed. “Don’t be a Nasty McDastardly, mister!” He went down to reach to the paw again.
The creature snapped at Ed, and bit his hand.
“OW!” Ed screamed, and ran. “RUN AWAY!” He ran right through a wall to find Edd. “Double D is good at fixing stuff.”
Before he got there, he checked his hand. It was bleeding hard. This was the first time Ed was actually hurt badly after the tooth incident. It felt like some disease was spreading within his blood cells and infecting him with some kind of sickness. Ed summarized this feeling with only three words.
“I feel funny,” said Ed, before going to Edd. “Double D, I’m hurt!”
“Now, Ed, where does it hurt?” asked Edd.
Ed showed Edd the bitten hand.
“Oh dear,” said Edd. “Let me get a disinfectant for that.” Edd reached into his hat of wonders and got out a spray. He used said spray to spray Ed’s Creature Wound.
Ed winced.
“I know it’s going to sting a little, but in a bit, it’ll feel all better,” Edd said.
Ed nodded. Leave it to Edd, and things will be all right. But once the bandage was on, Eddy called them over to the scam. Edd nodded, but Ed took a minute to look at his wound. It was already Red with blood-stains. Suddenly, Ed held it down to reduce the pain.
“Ed, don’t let the pain bother you,” Edd said.
Ed nodded, and went to help Eddy with the scam.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The Eds were working on the scam. Oh……. Correction. Ed and Edd were working on the scam. Ed was making the sign, painting the letters red like the blood-stains on his bandage. Edd was making something that would make things more interesting and catch some attention. Eddy was busy sitting in the shade to oversee the work…. I think….
“How’s it coming, boys?” asked Eddy, putting away his sunglasses.
Edd looked up from his work, and said, “Steady as it goes, Eddy… As usual…”
Eddy looked over to Ed. “How ‘bout you, Lumpy?” he asked Ed.
Ed, however, was having trouble making the sign. The whole hour and thirty minutes they worked on the Scam stand, Ed still hadn’t completed the sign. Not because he forgot what to put on the sign, but because the wound was still giving him trouble. He tried writing the next letter, but as soon as he did, the hand started to throb painfully.
“E-Ed!!” shouted Edd.
Eddy stood up, and went by Ed’s side. He could tell that his friend was hurt, but acknowledged it with these words, “What’s with you?”
Ed breathed heavily, and muttered, “Ow…”
“All you alright, Ed?” Edd looked at the hand. “Your hand’s acting up, isn’t it?”
Ed nodded, and said, “Y-yeah…”
Edd mused on this for a minute, and suggested to him, “Maybe you should go home and rest.”
“WHAT?!?” Eddy screamed.
“Come on, Eddy!” Edd argued. “He was bitten by a stray animal! Who knows what kinds of sicknesses he could have contradicted from that bite!”
“But the scam, Double D!” Eddy argued.
“Think about Ed’s health, Eddy!”
Eddy looked down.
“Please, Eddy,” Edd pleaded.
Eddy sighed. “Fine.”
“Thank you, Eddy,” he said, before turning to Ed. “Alright then, Ed. Go on home, now. We’ll continue our work tomorrow, see how you’re doing.”
“Okay… thanks Double D,” Ed said, before walking home.
As Ed walked home, Edd thought, “Odd, though.”
“The disinfectant I used for the wound should’ve eliminated any toxins in danger of eliminating him,” Edd mused. “What could be wrong with him?”
“Just check on him tomorrow if he still ain’t doin too hot,” Eddy said. “I wouldn’t worry, anyway. Ed’s a tough guy;  he’s been through worse.”
“Like what?” Edd asked.
“He had a loose tooth, got pounded by Sarah daily, run into a wall, lifted a house, pulled a trailer via satellite, destroyed Jonny’s house…”
“ALRIGHT, ALREADY!” Edd shouted. “I get it now.”

Oh, Eddy, oh Double D, you have no idea.
Hope you like it, Nintendo-Nut1. I added a never-before-seen scene before the scam went into progress of Ed getting bitten.
By the looks of it, it’s going to be a pretty short story. Not as long as my more famous story, Ed Abuse. But I promise that this will try to be at least five chapters.
Hope you like it.
manticoreGreltin125 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010
nice story.
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where is the 2ed one?
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