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Chapter 2 - The Transformation

Ed couldn’t sleep. Not even with his nighttime medicine. The disinfectant didn’t work, his Mom’s idea didn’t work, and he didn’t trust Sarah’s idea of taking his hand off. No matter what he did, the hand hurt.
Ed tossed and turned. He still couldn’t sleep. He wanted sleep, but his hand didn’t allow it. He got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of gravy from his tub.
“Yum, gravy!”
Suddenly, the hand throbbed. Ed winced and recoiled from pain. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Ed screamed.
“ED! SHUT UP!” shouted Sarah.
“aaaaaaaaaah…” whispered Ed.
The hand throbbed again, and Ed clamped his mouth to keep him from waking Sarah up. He went back into bed, and tried to get back to sleep. Again, his hand prevented that, and he tossed and turned. He tried to play back the comic he had read with imaginary voices acting out the comic, but not even Evil Tim worked. He crawled out of bed and rubbed his eyes as the Full Moon shone down upon him.
Ed glanced around. A Full Moon.
Suddenly, his hands started to throb. He held his mouth to stop the noise, but then his legs started to throb. Then his chest. Then his head. All the time, the walls were going red, and his vision became limited.
He got a bad feeling in his stomach. He held it as if he was going to lose his lunch. He slumped back against the corner, and asked himself, “W… wha… What’s happening to me?!”
He knelt down and felt even more pain. He looked down, and saw the comic he had read before he tried to go to sleep. It read, “Curse of the Werewolf.”
Ed realized what the comic meant. Suddenly, the pain intensified like no other time. He felt pain all over. Like it was… making his bones grow… and his body grow… like he was growing something he shouldn’t.
“No..” Ed whispered, but it didn’t stop. He suddenly felt his fingernails growing. He looked at them. They were growing. Growing into claws. He felt his legs growing into hinds, and he felt a tail on his back. He felt fur growing all over his body. Fangs, too.
In a matter of minutes, the process was complete. Where Ed last stood, was a creature similar to the one that had bitten him.
Ed had transformed into a werewolf.

Unfortunately, the process woke Sarah up.
“ED!” she screeched as she got out of bed. She was steaming now, and when she steams, I wouldn’t go near her with 39 and ½ of a foot pole.
She stormed downstairs to tell Ed to be quiet.
But she didn’t see Ed. Instead, she saw a monster. The creature glared at her.

“Tell me again, Eddy. Why am I concocting a soda-like drink?” asked Edd as he poured the drink into a pitcher.
“It’s for the suckers, Double D. They might want new drinks exclusive to our stand,” Eddy explained.
Edd sighed. “This might not work.”
“Eh, what do you know?” asked Eddy.
Edd rolled his eyes, and stared out the window at Ed’s house.
“Hey, Sockhead! Quit looking out the window and pay attention!”
Edd snapped back to attention. “Ahh… sorry… I just can’t help but worry…”
“Ed’ll be fine!” said Eddy. “Mr. Worrywart.”
“Guilty as Charged.” He poured another of his sodas into a pitcher.
“Now that we’re done making the soda,” Eddy said. “We’ll set up operations in the lane, put some ads in the street-”
“What on Earth?” Edd asked himself.
“Tell ‘em to go away!” said Eddy.
Edd ignored Eddy and answered the door.
“Hel.. LO?!”
“MOVE, DOUBLE D, MOVE!” shouted Sarah as she burst through the door. She slammed the door shut.
“Sarah, good lord, you’re hurt!” Edd said.
“HEY! Why’d you let the twerp in?” asked Eddy. If there was one thing he did not want, it was Sarah ruining his scam.
“Are you alrig- OOF!” Edd said, before Sarah hugged him.
“Oh, Double D, there’s a horrible monster out there!”
“Monster? Yeah right,” said Eddy with a sneer.
“Shut up, Flathead! I’m not kidding!”
Knock knock.
“Again? This is getting old,” Eddy said. He went to the door to open it.
Sarah cried, “NO, EDDY!! DON’T OPEN IT!!!”
“Shut up, Sarah!” Eddy shouted, before opening the door. “Whadda you…” He stopped midsentence as he came face to claw with the creature’s…. claw. “want….”
The creature swiped at Eddy.
“WHOA!” shouted Eddy.
“EDDY!” shouted Edd for his concern.
Eddy jumped back. All three saw the creature.
“The back door! Run!” Said Edd. They all ran to the back door to escape from the werewolf.
Darn it, Nintendo-Nut, you make this comic so short for a fan fiction adaption, that I have to add some in!
The site this is supposed to be on is cruddy, won’t let me log in, so here it is. I hope you like it, Nintendo-Nut.
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