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Chapter 3 - The Chase Scene

As soon as they got out of the house, they started running together. They went to the lane to try to trick the monster. They curved a right at the intersection, but the monster was catching up to them. Unfortunately, the beast was smart, and curved a right as well.

"YIPES!" shouted Eddy.

The beast snarled, and swiped at Eddy, causing a few blood gashes and a tear in his shirt.

"Aw man! My favorite shirt! Soiled!" Eddy complained.

"This is no time to be worrying about your garments, Eddy!" Edd said as he tugged Eddy away from the monster. Pretty soon, they started throwing stuff at it to get it hurt, but it was no use - the monster kept coming.

"STAY AWAY, YOU MONSTER!" shouted Sarah.

The monster roared back, and swiped at Sarah again. This time, she got out of the way.

"Run!" shouted Eddy.

They tried to shake the monster off their imaginary tail, but no matter what they did, the monster was faster. They tried the lane again, but the monster ambushed them.

"RAWR!" growled the monster, who subsequently swiped at Edd. It didn't get to hurt Edd, but unfortunately, it got to Edd's hat. The monster recoiled at what was under there.

"Jeez louise," said Eddy.

"Double D, you piggy," said put his hat back on and said, "One word to anyone and I'll never speak to you again."

Unfortunately, by putting his hat back on, the monster was no longer stunned. It came bounding back at a powerful speed, which the group sidestepped. The monster realized that he missed his target, but when he turned around, they were gone. He went to the playground (because that's where he tracked their scent) to find them, but he couldn't find them. He sniffed a tree to see if they were hiding up the tree. He smelled blood. He gave up, and went somewhere else.A few seconds later after the monster left the playground, the Tower of Eddy (minus Sarah) went back from behind the tree. Eddy gasped for breath, Edd panted, and Sarah grumbled.

"Your feet are sweaty, Eddy," said Sarah.

"Shut up, Sarah."

"People, Please!" said Edd. "That beast could be back any minute, so we had better act fast. The safest place to hide would be the junkyard."

The two agreed, and went with Edd to the Junkyard.

The three ran past hills of trash and mountains of garbage to find a safe place to hide. When they knew that they were safe, they gasped for breath.

"Double D, I'm so scared!" said Sarah.

"I'm as much frightened as you are, Sarah," said Edd. "But I think we lost it."

"What was that, Sockhead?!"

"I…. I dunno," said Sarah. "I found it in Ed's room after I heard him yelling and screaming. I think that the monster… killed him.."

"What if he was…." said Edd. "Nah, he couldn't be. I don't…. Eddy?"

"I don't think we lost it…" muttered the beast was standing in front of them. The beast howled.


"Good god!" shouted Edd.

"What are you guy's waiting for? RUN!"

Which is what they did. But they didn't make it far before they reached a dead end. Unlike most dead ends, this one would actually make them dead.

"EEEEEP! We're trapped!"

The monster glared at them. Edd saw something.

"Could it be? Eddy, look at it."


"Red-orange burhead hair, a heavy unibrow… slightly pale skin…. I think that is Ed."

"Oh my god!" shouted Sarah.

"Are you saying he's a..?!"

Suddenly, the monster… sorry, Ed, leapt from his position.

"AAH!" screamed Sarah.

"Look out!" screamed Eddy.

They were swept aside as Ed advanced towards Edd. Edd's heart pounded as hard as the time he had to clean Ed's room when he was dressed up as Ed. This time, he was up against a monster that he knew he had no chance against, and the monster was Ed. Escape was futile.

Ed sank his teeth into Edd's arms. Edd felt excruciating pain. Unimaginable pain. He screamed in absolute, pain fueled pain.

"DOUBLE D!" Eddy turned around. He saw a small metal pole. It was good enough to knock Ed unconscious. He grabbed it, and started running towards Ed. Edd looked at Ed, whose sharp teeth were now stained with blood like his shirt. Suddenly, Eddy smacked Ed with the pole, knocking him silly. Sarah winced in fear that Ed was hurt.

"Double D!!"

Eddy went over to Edd's side to comfort him.


"Hang in there, Double D!"


Eddy turned around. The noise woke everyone up.

"What's going on here," said Kevin as he held a baseball bat. He observed what was going on. Edd was hurt, Eddy was comforting her, Sarah was cowering in fear, and Ed (a monster to them) was laying on the ground.

Ed opened his eyes."Where… am I?" Suddenly, the events of last night came rushing towards his small brain. Ed shot out of his laying down position to a sitting up position, to which Kevin got his bat ready. When Kevin saw that it was Human Ed, he lowered his weapon.

"'Bout time you woke up, dork," said Kevin, turning to Sarah and Eddy. "Hey. He's awake."


"Baby sister!" cried Ed. "You're okay!"

"Hey big guy," said Eddy, walking over to Eddy's side. "You feelin' better?"

"Eddy… did I hurt anyone?"


"…huh. Sound's like Double D woke up too," said Kevin, looking over to an awake Edd.

"DOUBLE D! Double…"Edd was bandaged up. His chest and shoulder were bandaged, but his shirt was taken off.

Ed looked at Edd, and Edd looked at Ed. Ed had tears on his eyes.

"I'm sorry …I'm sorry…. I'm sorry…. So sorry…" cried Ed, sobbing in Edd's bandages.
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